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"My daughter was a student of Troy’s for 2+ years. The independence and confidence that she took away from those years are one of the greatest gifts that she has been given. Troy has an incredible ability to read a students strengths and weaknesses and support them where support is needed. I couldn’t give a better recommendation to anyone than I give for Troy!"

             Lindsay Archer

"We LOVED our experience with Miss Troy! As a new family to California, she addressed our concerns and showed us compassion and kindness. She showed the kind of individual attention that every growing child deserves. She’s encouraging and always has a positive can-do attitude. She was always ready with helpful suggestions when I asked her how I could improve Reagan’s skill set . I would definitely recommend this school if you’re looking for a positive and nurturing environment for you child to begin school."

                      Amber Cross

"Troy is an amazing teacher, model, and human being. All three of my boys had were fortunate to have Troy teach and guide them in preschool. They learned more in preschool than I ever dreamed and were the most prepared students when entering kindergarten, from learning about the 7 continents to weather to making their own snacks. Educators like myself send their kids to Troy!" 

                  Sarah Frank

"Troy was a fantastic addition to our family when we sent our oldest daughter to Montessori. She helped our daughter develop confidence, life skill experience and a love for learning. We were truly grateful for our time with Troy!"

                                                 Brooke Eubanks

"Troy Chantland is honestly the best preschool teacher I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have three sons. Between them, they have attended four different preschools and have been taught by countless teachers. I can say without hesitation or exaggeration that Troy is hands down, THE BEST! Three years ago, we brought my youngest son to the Montessori school in Danville, CA where Troy was teaching at the time. My son was shy, and very reluctant about school after a bad first experience at another school. Troy had the magic touch. Her kindness, her thoughtful approach to learning, her encouragement, and her creativity sparked something in my son that I hadn't seen before. He left preschool not only prepared for Kindergarten, but with a healthy love of school and learning. I credit Troy for this change in my son. I know she will continue to bring this magic to her new school."                                                            Abi Brown

"I have 3 children that were Troy’s students. My son is a 7th grader and my twin girls are 1st graders. I’m so grateful for their preschool experience with Troy. Teachers are a huge part of a child’s development and we all hope that this experience makes a positive impact in their lives, Troy definitely provided that for mine. She is an amazing teacher that truly cares about your child, she’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She will definitely know and understand your child. My kids will always remember her."

                            Jenny Carter

"We were very lucky to have Ms.Troy as a preschool teacher for both of my kids. She is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience, compassion and dedication to her profession. She had a wonderful easy going way to empower even and especially the timidest of kids with the can-do attitude!!! My daughter and son were very lucky to have a very dedicated teacher like Troy, who was nurturing so the kid felt comfortable and confident! We have a lot to thank her for and are very happy to have known her!"                                                        Ashu Khanal

"Troy is a patient, loving, kind and fair teacher who is very well versed in the Montessori way and in child development. All three of my children went through her program, were more than prepared for kindergarten, and are thriving in elementary school! My girls still talk fondly about their time with Troy, I would absolutely recommend this school."

                      Sara Welch

"My family had the great gift of having Troy as preschool teacher for our two youngest children, both boys. My boys both looked forward to preschool everyday, and I felt confident sending them there, knowing they were in such experienced, loving hands. Over the course of their preschool careers with Troy, I saw such growth in my children, both developmentally and personally. In addition to the fine motor skills kids needed (such as cutting with scissors, writing their names, etc.) Troy provided opportunities for my boys to begin to pursue academics at their own pace, in a way that felt engaging and inspiring to each. For example, one of my boys was drawn to math, and became absorbed in number books, learning some elementary counting and addition. My other boy was less interested in number books, but he loved cutting out days of the week and numbers and arranging them all in order, and then gluing them into the monthly calendar. Both boys were getting exposed to numbers and mathematical concepts, but in ways that engaged each one differently. During each of their two years at preschool with Troy, each of my boys became more independent, proud to take on bigger jobs at home and share in the family chores, and able to follow increasingly complex instructions. Socially, I saw a leap in their ability to navigate interpersonal issues (working collaboratively, sharing, responding to someone who said or did something that hurt their feelings). I loved how much my boys were growing, but they loved the challenges in the classroom and the pure fun they had with their friends: playing on the playground, watching butterflies hatch and grow, feeding the rabbits, learning songs, looking at books, painting, stringing beads, counting, preparing their own snack in the tiny kitchen, learning about all the continents of the world and impressing their family with facts about the animals of Asia or Australia...their daily experience was a joy. Troy kept their routine predictable and consistent, while filling their day with lots of stimulating variety. I always felt like Troy was a critical partner with me in nurturing my children's love of learning and their readiness for Kindergarten. My boys both have late-summer birthdays, which made the Kindergarten decision a little more complex. And each boy had different readiness levels socially and academically. I had moments of being on the fence with both of them...should I send them to TK or go straight for Kinder? Throughout the months where I was making this hard choice, Troy shared her observations and insights about each boy's strengths and areas for growth, and helped me work through my concerns, and in the end, make what I believe was the right decision for each. I also appreciated Troy's patience and genuine knowledge of each of my children as individual people. When my boys were involved in the inevitable playground skirmishes or were on the giving or receiving end of hurt feelings, she related the events to me so that I could reinforce the right messages at home, or help my son find a more constructive way to respond in the future. When one of my boys was the aggressor in a situation, Troy was firm but loving. She didn't make my child feel like a bad person, but encouraged him in making different choices and expressing his feelings in a better way the next time. In short, Troy is a gem. I was consistently pleased with the Montessori preschool education she provided, which enhanced my children's natural curiosity and desire to learn, the nurturing environment that allowed my children to thrive, and the loving, personal attention she gave to each child."                          Julianna Velthoen

"My children who are now 12 and 10 still cannot stop raving about their preschool experience with Troy and how they wish they could go back! Her amazing ability to learn very quickly what made my children tick and how to best inspire and direct their learning was impeccable! Truly she has so much knowledge and I really began to understand the impact that choosing the right preschool/teacher can have on a child to set a great foundation for not only wanting to learn about academics but more importantly, about life! The skills she taught them have carried on and will continue to carry on into adulthood! Our family has so many fond memories and know any family who entrusts their children under her care will have the same positive experience!"

                                                   Kerri Sadigh

"Finding Troy made a tremendous positive difference in my son’s life. He is a highly intelligent child, a very early reader; exploratory and independent. Transition to preschool was difficult for him, until he came to visit and was welcomed into Troy’s Montessori program. Through the perfect combination of respect and guidance, Troy inspired our son to love school, and to take risks and try new things in both the academic and social arenas. He learned responsibility, love and care for animals and plants, how to make and keep friends, and how to be a good citizen of a community, all while expanding his horizons in science, geography, art, and math. He loved the balance of work and free play that Troy’s program included. Her empathy for the needs and abilities of children is limitless. Our son felt truly loved and encouraged. He has carried that feeling with him into both learning and playing as he has grown into a happy and blossoming first grader. We highly recommend Troy and her Montessori program with all of our hearts."                                              

                                                            Stephanie Baxter

"Miss Troy was the head instructor for both our girls. Our oldest was very timid and anti-social when she first began preschool. We were worried she would cry at drop offs and would be lost in the shuffle since she wasn't very proactive about making friends. The complete opposite happened. Our oldest couldn't wait to go to school everyday. She came out smiling everyday at pick up. She never ever told us she didn't want to go to school. By the end of the year, she became a confident, happy, outgoing little girl with lots of friends. I can't thank Troy enough. Her style of teaching allowed our daughter to push herself to be more confident but in a gentle way. She made kids believe they can do it themselves, not coddle them."

                       Halena Shinn

"We love Troy! She was our preschool teacher for all three of our kids. They are in high school and middle school now but were saddened to hear that Troy was not at their preschool anymore. They are growing into respectful and responsible youth in large part due to the seeds sown in them in their beloved preschool. Troy was our partner in raising our kids."

                       Riffat Hussain

"Troy is such an amazing teacher. She understands children and their behavior and development better than anyone I know. She has been a partner in my child's education and has helped me become a better parent in the process."

       Kristen Andreatta

"Troy was all three of our children’s preschool teacher. She created a magical environment for learning. She treats each child with respect and creates a safe learning space, where they can explore, play and learn. Troy’s curriculum allowed my children the opportunity to explore continents, patterning, numbers, letters, pullies, levers, cooking and a world of other wonderful concepts and activities. All three of my kids were VERY prepared for kindergarten and transitional kindergarten and they remember their years with Troy in preschool fondly."

                Megan Morrison

"Troy taught one of my children from 2010-2012 and the other from 2017-2018.  

Troy’s extensive knowledge and application of the Montessori Method, in combination with her patient and kind teaching style has helped my girls build a strong foundation for learning.  Troy has helped my girls to understand the joy and value of working both independently and collaboratively.  She has also helped them to find the confidence to try new and challenging activities.  I believe skills that my children have acquired through their time with Troy, will help them to succeed personally and academically throughout life.  

The Montessori based activities that Troy oversaw fostered independence and confidence in my girls as they were arranged in a manner that the children could select, begin and clean up their own projects.  At the same time, Troy patiently guided students by encouraging them to also try new, different and challenging activities.  Troy also encouraged and modeled respectful interactions and collaborative solutions where children would learn to take turns, share, teach others and reflect upon how they or others might be feeling.

Over the years, my oldest child has referred to her schoolwork from grades 1-5 by saying she already learned the information presented at school during preschool Montessori.  I attribute a great deal of my older daughter’s willingness and ability to explore new subjects, problems and interests to a Montessori education and Troy’s teaching.   Most importantly, Troy has always treated my children with kindness and patience.  My youngest daughter is in kindergarten right now. She was in tears the last day she saw Troy.  She could not give Troy enough hugs because she loved having Troy as her teacher!  I am so grateful that my girls are able to lovingly speak of their preschool experiences and teachers"                                              Emily Imatani

 "We had the pleasure of having Troy as a Montessori teacher for two of our children, over 4 years, while she was at Garden Montessori in Danville. Troy truly cares for all the children under her tutelage, and does a spectacular job of guiding and directing them towards the activities and skills which help develop their budding curiosity and young minds in meaningful ways. Her excellence goes beyond the abc's and 123's, though - her thoughtful approach to social development and teaching empathetic behavior ensures all her students possess skills far more mature than their peers when they enter 'big kid' school. We truly loved having Troy as our teacher and cannot recommend her enough!"

           Andrea &  Jason DeLong

"My children had Troy Chantland as their preschool teacher in the Bay Area. I can't say enough wonderful things about her as an educator. She provides her students with the most wonderful learning environment. Her classroom is always impeccably clean and organized, and more importantly perfect for preschool-aged children with activities that foster learning, growth, responsibility and independence. She is kind, nurturing, patient, and loving. I was fortunate enough to see her in action often and was consistently impressed with her interaction with the children. She has a way about her. She has a calm and peaceful demeanor that children respond to. To this day, I am so thankful she taught my boys. They are older now and I firmly believe Troy had a huge and positive impact their academic success, and even more importantly, on their emotional growth and social development. I am an elementary school teacher and highly recommend Troy Chantland and The Greenehouse Montessori Preschool for your child."

                                                          Niki Lianides

"When I was looking into preschools for my then 3-year old daughter, I heard great things about Garden Montessori School and especially about their director, Troy Chantland. She was exceptional with the kids, guiding them when they needed help and letting them figure things out to experience self-sufficiency. Troy is an animal lover and was so tender with the house rabbit, Nibble! My daughter had such a positive experience during the time she was at Garden school that she came back in 4th grade to read to the kids. I highly recommend any educational program run by Troy."

                              Malu Trehan

"The experience our daughter had with Troy & her Montessori preschool gave our daughter so much joy, happiness & growth. Troy guides children in independency & responsibility in a warm, fair way that will let your child grow and make it feel valuable, loved and confident. It was such a pleasure to see our daughter grow in the time Troy was her teacher. Even after two years of elementary school, our daughter still talks about the lovely time she had. Unfortunately we weren’t able to send our oldest child to Troy, but we are sure she would have loved it and we would have had the same great experience. If Troy would still have been in the area, we would for sure have decided to send our youngest to her within a heartbeat! Troy is a warm, fun, social, respectful & great Montessori teacher."    

                           Meta Blom

"Our family was lucky enough to have all three children start their education with Troy guiding them at preschool. They learned to be independent within a community, to explore their interests within structure, to value their learning for its own sake, and to become capable in many areas both practical and academic. Our family is grateful to have given our children such a solid foundation to start their education and as their first experience in the wider world away from home. Troy’s expertise influenced us as parents and contributed to the strong relationships we have with our children and they have with each other. If you’re considering Greenehouse Preschool, know that you have discovered a treasure!"

                               Alana Inugai

"I have 3 kids who were all preschool students with Troy. We could not have asked for a more loving, kind, creative, inspiring, compassionate, and amazing role model for our children! There are not enough words to describe what a wonderful teacher Troy is!!! All of my kids were so excited to go to school and it was the perfect experience for them to begin their educational careers. Troy loves to establish independence in children which helps them feel confident and successful. My kids are now 17, 15 and 9, and we still talk about Troy and all of the positive influence that she had on our family. Anyone who has Troy as a teacher is beyond lucky and you will be forever grateful. Thank you Troy for everything you did for our family!!"          Jen Brodehl

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